I am the founder of Solar Lifestyle,

Enlightened Humanity, and Next Hi-Tech.

I stand for a clean sustainable planet!

I stand for humanity to evolve and raise its consciousness to go beyond borders, money, and limitations into the Solar System and explore it fully.

I stand for humanity becoming a Solar Civilization powered by the Sun on all levels!

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I can help you start living Solar Lifestyle – that is good for

your health and the health of the planet
and all future generations!

Be powered by the Sun on all levels!

I can show you what is coming next in the world of technology at Next Hi-Tech! Find out what technologies are changing the world and fill your technology gap in this fast-paced technologically evolving world. Find out sustainable technologies in the areas of energy production, transportation, and others.

I can help you bring your vision online and develop your brand– by starting with your logo, website and then optimizing and taking it to the world to reach your tribe. I have a special process in which I extract your essence and bring it in colors, graphics, and videos.

Live in the present moment with Solar Lifestyle

Enlight your mind

Understand which technology can help humanity

I can teach you the Dynamic Meditation PanEuRhythmy that will balance your body, mind, and heart and establish a conscious Connection with Living Nature. This is a new practice that is given for our century and beyond. You may be able to touch how paradise feels like.

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