Hi, I am Boris Mitov. I am the founder of Solar Lifestyle, Enlightened Humanity Network, and Next Hi-Tech. I am passionate about practices and technologies that connect people to the Sun, accelerating the adoption of sustainable clean energy and making the world a healthier place to live. I am looking for solutions for solving global problems of climate change due to pollution from man-made activities and the use of old technologies.

I am also the founder of BM Multimedia Creations where I use Digital Technologies to take the visions to the masses and help non-profits and other organizations that benefit humanity to spread the Light. Some of the projects I have worked on are Abode of Bliss Film, building the online platform Integrality (Lifelong Integrative Learning that brings a wealth of wisdom for the different stages in one’s life), Universal Center for Metaphysical Ecology – bringing awareness that fully encompasses all interactions that exist within the Gaia system (the Earth and everything that lives on her) both on a visible and invisible subtle level.

In partnership with Powur, the first clean energy technology platform, that is disrupting and decentralizing the way the world uses energy, I am passionate about helping people switch to solar energy and power their homes and electric cars, which is an essential component of a Solar Lifestyle. I am looking to empower ecopreneurs that are dedicated to changing the way the world produces & consumes energy while protecting the planet for our children, future generations, and creating energy independence for homeowners around the world.

I am also passionate about more people experiencing the overview effect when looking at our planet Earth from Space. That is why I have created Space Tourism Reviews platform where people can explore companies that can take them in Space and look from above at the our most beautiful blue marble planet. This experience alone will transform your consciousness to care more about the Earth.

I can help you develop your brand, also assist you in becoming energy independent.