Dear Gaians,

What an amazing journey we took from 2020 to 2030! In one decade we were able to disrupt the energy production and went from dirty polluting energy to clean renewable energy.

I started a movement and personally helped thousands of people go Solar and adopt Solar Lifestyle, powered by the Sun on all levels. Gaians started the day by Sungazing and charging by the Sun consciously. They did PanEuRhythmy dynamic meditation in circles, and connected to Living Nature, the Mother Gaia and the Sun. They transitioned to not killing animals for food, but drink concentrated sunlight in the form of raw juices… They started using distilled sunlight in the form of essential oils for healing, balancing and uplifting, instead of drugs. The Gaians started powering their homes and cars from Pure Sunlight. They built Hyperloops that were powered by solar energy and they could get anywhere at 3 times the speed of a conventional airplane. We all started using solar airplanes, solar yachts, solar watches…

Gaians resurrected some amazing technologies that are extracting energy from the space around us – ubiquitous energy. One of those was the Searl Effect Generator, also known as SEG and we could produce energy and gravitational fields that allowed us to build crafts that were able to get from UK to Australia in less than half an hour with vertical take off, 90 degree turns, and no inertia felt inside the craft. We removed all borders and gaians were able to travel freely and explore the beauty and the majesty of our planet.

Many old combustion engine cars were converted to water powered cars using the discoveries from Stanley Myers and they were not polluting the Earth anymore.

Many breakthrough discoveries in energy generation were adopted – The Greener Power Machine by Saith Power was generating electrical power by converting high radio frequency energy directly into electricity.

Gaians were using the unlimited energy from various clean energy devices to desalinate water from the oceans and have an abundance of clean drinking water. In some remote areas Gaians were producing water from the Sun and Air using the technologies from Zero Mass water.

Gaians were thriving and living in abundance.

~ with Love from 2030 – Genuinely Yours, Boris