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Boris Mitov founded BM Multimedia Creations following his passions for creative design work. BM Creations has grown to become cutting-edge Carlsbad, North San Diego area Web & App Development company working on global projects. Boris loves to work with people that educate humanity. Boris cares about the health of the planet Earth and all the people living on it.  He cares about clean energy! He is passionate about innovation and the latest tech!

If your company or non-profit cares about the same, Boris wants to work with you. He would love to work with like-minded people! He wants to make a difference in this world! You can apply to work directly with Boris Mitov on your next web design project. If he feels it is a good fit he will accept the project.

Video has the power to combine all the medias – photos, audio, animation, motion pictures, narrations, text messages. It is a true Multi-Media Experience! Video creation is one of the best forms of marketing in the present time. We can create for you Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) videos, Should’ve Asked Questions (SAQs) videos, Customer Testimonials. It is also important today to have a Business professional intro video about your products or services. Creating educational videos with the combination of building for you a membership website can generate for you passive income for years to come. Are you ready to share your knowledge with the world?